Project Management:

Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools & technique to the project activities to meet the project requirement. Project management enables the organization to execute the projects effectively & efficiently.

PMBoK has released 6th edition in 2018 and all project management enthusiast are looking for pmp 6th edition questions and answers to clear pmp exam.

You can refer the links project management questions and answers and project manager scenario based interview questions and answers for some of the sample pmp exam questions 6th edition.

A project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to produce a unique product or service

The characteristics of projects are

  • Specific start and end date
  • Has a defined objective
  • Series of tasks to achieve a defined outcome or objective

Projects are undertaken to full-fill objectives by producing deliverables. The deliverables may be tangible or intangible.

In this article I have tried to cover pmp practice exam with answers and hope this is useful for Project Managers and those who are pursuing PMP certification.  There are other pmp simulation exam free and other free practice tests for pmp online available however here I have given you 20 sample pmp exam questions and answers to test your knowledge.

1.Which is the BEST definition of quality?
A. A product made of very expensive materials and cost more.
B. A product made with a lot of care by the team who built it
C. A product that satisfies the requirements of the people who pay for it
D. A product that passes all of its tests and no bugs found.

Answer : C

2. Which of the following is NOT an input to Perform Quality Control?
A. Deliverables
B. Work Performance Measurements
C. Quality Checklists
D. Validated Changes

Answer : D

3. You are the project manager for a railroad construction project. Your sponsor has asked you for a forecast
for the cost of project completion. The project has a total budget of $80,000 and CPI of .95. The project has spent
$25,000 of its budget so far. How much more money do you plan to spend on the project?
A. $59,210
B. $80,000
C. $84,210
D. $109,210

Answer : A

4. You are managing a software project. During a walkthrough of newly implemented
functionality, your team shows you a new feature that they have added to help make the
workflow in the product easier for your client. The client didn’t ask for the feature, but it
does look like it will make the product easier to use. The team developed it on their own time
because they wanted to make the client happy. You know this change would never have made
it through change control. What is this an example of?
A. Gold plating
B. Scope creep
C. Alternatives Analysis
D. Schedule Variance

Answer : A

5. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of the Project Management Plan?
A. Collection of subsidiary plans
B. Formal, written communication
C. A bar chart that shows the order of tasks and their resource assignments
D. Must be approved by project sponsor

Answer : C

6. When is the BEST time to have project kickoff meetings?
A. At the beginning of the project
B. When each deliverable is created
C. At the start of each phase
D. When the Communications Management plan is approved

Answer : C

7. The terms of union contracts are considered ______________ in your project plan.
A. Assumptions
B. Constraints
C. Requirements
D. Collective bargaining agreements

Answer : B

8. A Project Manager is at the project kick-off meeting. He confidently states the vision and mission for the
project. This PM is exhibiting the following leadership style:
A. Hierarchal
B. Authoritarian
C. Charismatic
D. Associative

Answer : C

9. Which of the following models of conflict resolution allows a cooling off period, but seldom resolves the
issue in the long term?
A. Problem solving
B. Withdrawal
C. Forcing
D. Smoothing

Answer : B

10. Group brainstorming encourages all of the following except:
A. Team building
B. Analysis of alternatives
C. Convergent thinking
D. Uninhibited verbalization

Answer : C

11. Crashing, and Fast tracking are techniques used in the following process:
A. Schedule Development
B. Activity Definition
C. Create WBS
D. Resource Allocation

Answer : A

12. A project manager is assigned a project with a team that has already been selected. The first thing the
project manager should find out about the team is?
A. What is each team member's favorite color
B. Each team member's objectives for working on the project
C. A list of each team member's tasks
D. Each team member's role in the project plan

Answer : D

13. Which of the following is not correct:
A. PMO - Program Management Office
B. RBS - Resource Breakdown Structure
C. RAM - Resource Assignment Matrix
D. RFP - Request for Proposal
E. TQM - Total Quality Management

Answer : C

14. Which of the following Human Resource process generates Roles & Responsibilities :
A. Human Resource Planning
B. Acquire Project Team
C. Develop Project Team
D. Manage Project Team

Answer : A

15. What is the Delphi technique?
A. A simulation technique.
B. A mathematical analysis.
C. A constrained optimization method.
D. A consensuas technique.

Answer : A

16. You have negotiated a major deliverable with a contractor several of your colleagues
have utilized in the past without problems. Its is critical the contactor meet the December 4th
deliverable.this is an example of :
A. Objective
B. Goal
C. Constraint.
D. Assumption.

Answer : D

17. As the project manager you will be required to report periodically to upper
management on the progress of the project. What item below will you require to report
your progress as the basis for the budget ,schedule ,resource allocation and scope
A. Precedence diagramming method.
B. project character.
C. Work breakdown schedule.
D. Project management plan.

Answer : C

18. Out puts from the initiation process includes:
A. project manager assigned ,project character, and product description.
B. constraints, assumptions, and product description.
C. Project character ,Constraints, and assumptions.
D.scope statement, project manager identified, and product description.

Answer : C

19. In which motivation theory do hygiene factors play a part?
A. Herzberg's
B. McGregor's
C. Theory Y
D. Maslow's hierarchy

Answer : A

20. In Maslow's hierarchy of needs, self-actualization means self-fulfillment, growth and:
A. affection.
B. learning.
C. security.
D. stability.

Answer : B

Evaluate yourself with the above free pmp exam questions 6th edition, how much you have scored for project manager interview questions and answers will give you the idea to benchmark yourself and progress your learning in PMP. Looking for more pmp practice exam 2018, et me know through comments I will share more questionnaire.


In my previous post 10 pmp sample questions and answers  I have shared 10 sample project management questions and answers, also refer sample pmp questions and 20 sample pmp questions and answers for more project management quiz questions answers.

In this post I will be sharing few more project management multiple choice questions and answers, try it out and check your knowledge on project management. For the answer of project management sample exam questions and answers scroll down the bottom of this page.

1. Project managers have the highest level of authority and the most power in which type of organizational structure?

a) Projectized
b) Strong Matrix
c) Functional
d) Balanced Matrix

2. What is one of the most important skills a project manager can have?

a) Negotiation skills
b) Influencing skills
c) Communication skills
d) Problem Solving skills

3. Which of the following contracts should you use for projects that have a degree of uncertainty and require a large investment early in the project life cycle?

a) Fixed Price
b) Cost Reimbursable
c) lump Sum
d) Unit Price

4. A Project manager would find team development the most difficult in which form of organization ?

a) Weak Matrix Organization
b) Balanced Matrix Organization
c) Projectized Organization
d) Tight Matrix Organization

5. A narrative description of products or services to be supplied under contract is called ?

a) The project plan
b) A statement of work
c) An exception report
d) Pareto analysis

6. All of the following are contract types except:

a) Unit Price
b) Make or Buy
c) Cost Reimbursable
d) lump Sum

7. Which type of leadership is best suited for optimizing team performance in projects?

a) Democratic leadership
b) Participative leadership
c) Autocratic leadership
d) Authoritative leadership

8. What are the 4 stages of team development?

a) Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing
b) Enthusiasm, Hope, Panic, Solution
c) Forming, Solutioning, Normalizing, Communicating
d) Direction, Motivation, Cooperation, Collaboration

9. Your IT Company is responsible for making software virus programs. You are responsible for managing both individual product releases and co-ordination of multiple released over time. Your role is that of a :

a) Project Manager
b) Program Manager
c) Functional Manager
d) Operations Manager

10. Which of the following is not a feature of a project?

a) Constrained by limited resources
b) Planned , executed and controlled
c) Creates unique product or service
d) May be ongoing and repetitive

Answers for above project management questions and answers with multiple choices are listed below:

  1. a) Projectized
  2. c) Communication skills
  3. b) Cost Reimbursable
  4. a) Weak Matrix Organization
  5. b) A statement of work
  6. b) Make or Buy
  7. b) Participative leadership
  8. a) Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing
  9. b) Program Manager
  10. d) May be ongoing and repetitive

Most of the questions are related organization, Project manager skills, contracts and team development.

Hope this is helpful and  we will see more with project management quiz questions answers in coming posts.