PMP Questions and Answers

Below are a quick set of sample PMI PMP questions for testing your knowledge. Submit your answers in the comments.  Lets see how much you can score 🙂 .

1. Which of the following provides the foundation for team development ?

A) Motivation
B) Organizational development
C) Conflict management
D) Individual development

2. Select the common format which is used for performance reporting from below

A) Pareto diagrams
B) Bar Charts
C) Responsibility assignment matrix
D) Control Charts

3. Which of the following is a Tool used for expert judgement?

A) Peer Review
B) Delphi Technique
C) Expected value technique
D) Work Breakdown Structure

4. A Project manager would find team development the most difficult in which form of organization?

A) Weak Matrix organization
B) Balanced Matrix organization
C) Projectized Organization
D) Tight Matrix organization

5. Adam is a Project manager of large multi-location company and his project team consist of 24 members, out of which 5 are assigned for testing. Due to change in organizational quality audit team , Adam decided to add 1 more quality professional to lead the testing team .

Adam is aware of the importance of communication for the success of the project and takes this step of introducing additional communication channels making it more complex in order to achieve the quality levels of the project.

How many additional communication channels are introduced as result of this change in project?

A) 25
B) 24
C) 1
D) 5

You can also go through the sample pmp questions 2018 in the link . Submit your answers and i will respond you back with the answers. Kindly participate & you can also download the Free PMP questions and answers pdf

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