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We spoke to about setting up Raspberry Pi with Cayenne for IoT projects in my post simple IoT drag and drop app builder cayenne app . If  you have not read through it, go through it which will give you idea on how to setup the Cayenne for first time with your devices.

MyDevices Cayenne is an open source IoT Platform which is used as IoT Project builder that allows you to control Raspberry Pi & other sensors, relays, actuators connected to your Pi through graphical interface.First create an account in Go and click on Sign Up Free, Enter the First, Last name , Email address & password, agree the terms and click on get started free. you can also sign up through Mobile app. Go to play store and install Cayenne App ( App Store or Playstore), signup through the Cayenne app. Considering that you have already followed my tutorial and Raspberry Pi is connected to Cayenne.  We will see how we can use Cayenne to setup triggers and alerts for IoT Projects.

Components needed:

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We will use motion sensor connected to your Raspberry pi for this project. When the device detects any movement it will make the Raspberry Pi Pin as high and which will be used to create triggers and alert through email or SMS.

First we have to create a new widget or device in cayenne. Go to Add new -> Device/Widget -> Sensors -> Motion and select Digital Motion sensor

Add Motion Sensor Widget

Select the device Raspberry Pi, if you have more than one device configured in Cayenne, select the respective one.

Connectivity -> Integrated GPIO

Channel -> Channel 7 ( select the pin number depending upon to which GPIO pin you are connecting the sensor refer the link for PIN details )

Choose Widget -> 2 state and click on Add Sensor.


Add Motion Sensor Widget

To add trigger , click on Add new - > Trigger - > Give a name to the Trigger.

Create a new Trigger

Drag the Raspberry Pi device to If section which will give you the drop down list to select the device Motion sensor added as Widget.

Select the Digital Motion  Sensor from Select Trigger and click on Setup notification in then section. You can select send email or send text message from the alert section. Once you select send email, enter your email address and save the trigger. This will create a new alert and when ever the PIR sensor detects motion and the Digital value become high (1) email will be send by cayenne trigger and alert which we have setup.

Cayenne Trigger and alerting

So simple to setup a alerting through mydevices cayenne, isn't it.

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