Top IoT trends for 2018

CONGRATULATIONS! You are living in a very exciting era. You are now witnessing the rise and convergence of technologies that will each transform the world.Internet of Things is a floating word in across all enterprise today & everybody is talking about it. The pace how IoT is getting in to the market is so high, we are going to have a huge number of connected devices in 2020. All the major companies are focusing on connecting their devices or setting up ready with the ability to connect in future.According to Bosch CEO Volkmar Denner, every product BOSCH ships will be capable of connecting to a network by 2020. We are seeing Alexa talking with customers, Home automation, Human health tracking & other devices, and even in retail, industrial sectors.There is no doubt with knowledge or with out every one is going to use one or other connected devices. This means the data flow & collected by the resources are going to increase exponentially. Data is the key for the business & or we call it as the business itself. It all depends upon how the enterprise is using the data.

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Artificial Intelligence the Key to Unlock IoT Potential:

The era of normal connected IoT devices are going to change, we are seeing the involvement of AI & Machine learning with IoT now. This is going to change the entire world how it is running now & this is going to be a key factor in future. We are talking about autonomous driving cars, Speech recognition & Computer Vision. Think about a world as we see in movies where robots are talking to each other, Cars are driving automatically, Fridge is talking to Television, You can enter to an virtual reality to do all your needs. Its sounds exiting as an adventure , at the same time we are seeing a great risk & catastrophic if something goes wrong.Just like i Robot :).

Adoption of best IoT security Practices:

This will be the key turning point or deciding factor on how our world is going to run in future. There should be defined standards for all IoT enabled products & have to undergo strict security testing which will ensure that data is safe & at the same time we don’t end up like a Judgement day in Terminator. Cyber attacks is increasing , the major concerns from consumer is regarding security of IoT devices. We have to look from bother software & physical side of security. At the same time the device can be hacked through software, all the devices are vulnerable physically also. We are expecting the industry to respond , considering this as the priority and deploy the latest security technologies and adopt security best practices. We can see already few of the government security agencies & organization are collaboratively working on these.

Blockchain IoT :

IoT and Blockchain are the two world changing technologies trending in this era and in the beginning of their adoption curve. We are looking forward to see enormous futuristic opportunities when these two technologies merge together.

what is blockchain : Blockchain  is  an encrypted, distributed computer filing system , it is a growing list of records, called blocks, which are linked using cryptography. Block chain certainly is real however may not be completely ready in 2018 for adoption in every industry. Blockchain is going to be technology that will make a real impact across industry sectors along with IoT. Blockchain is the invention from brain of a single person or a group of person know by pseudonym, Satoshi Nakamoto. Digital currency , Bitcoin is first majority used purpose however now industry is finding the potential use of it as technology. Blockchain is getting used in Cybersecurity, healthcare, financial sectors etc. for securing health records, control disease, patient data, cryptocurrency wallets.

According to research and analysis firm Gartner, there were around 8 billion connected devices in use at the end of 2017. That’s a 31% increase from the year before, and it’s not slowing down. It’s estimated that there will be upwards of 20 billion connected devices by the end of 2020.The physical world is going to be extremely interconnected and smart.

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