IoT Platform Definition

The IoT platform is a mediator between the application layer and the hardware and  has the capability of integrating with any device and the applications used by the device.

IoT platforms are the support software that connects everything in an IoT system. An IoT platform facilitates communication, data flow, device management, and the functionality of applications.

we can say IoT platform is a multilayered technology, that connects the sensors/devices,  provision them, manage them & can automate the connection of the devices in the Internet of Things. With IoT platform its easy to connect to the devices to the cloud & data processing. It connects remote devices to user applications and manages all the interactions between the hardware and the application layers.

What is the primary function of an IoT platform ? IoT platforms and software typically help us to  manage the tasks and visualization of data  also it allow users to automate their environment. You can think of these platforms as the intermediate man between the data collected at the edge and the user interface application.

Before selecting the IoT platform architecture you must consider few of the following

  • Cost

Evaluate the cost from providers & most of the times it may not straight forward. The base model may be cheaper however if you want to get the essential features for your activities you may need to pay more than you planned. Spend enough time to analyze your need & match it with the cost.

  • Development skills of you or team

If you buy a base model of IoT platform & want to customize yourself for your need, make sure you have the enough skills with you to make it as your need. Otherwise it will be a waste of time & money.

  • Is it matching your business model

Always understand your business model, how you will be charging your end customer , example licensing through user , or usage , devices etc . accordingly you should select the IOT platform which will be beneficial for your business

  • Features in Platform vs cost

As there are multiple features available in IoT platforms from different providers, it will be very challenging on deciding features vs cost. you have to decide the right requirement for your need, Compromise/adjust the feature vs cost and come to a best solution.

The few of the features which will be available in IoT platforms are like

  1. Application Development
  2. Big Data Analytics
  3. Configuration Management
  4. Connectivity Management
  5. Data Collection
  6. Data Management
  7. Device Management
  8. Performance Management
  9. Prototyping
  10. Visualization

Its depends upon of you whether you have to go with IoT platform from a vendor or you can in-house build your own IoT platform. For more information refer IoT platform wiki .

Some of the criteria (iot platform features) that can differentiate one IoT platform from another and they include ease of use, scalability, integration with third-party software, code control, data security level and deployment options.

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Few of best IoT platform open source or free IoT platform are Cayenne, Blynk, and thingsboard. Find out Blynk  Vs Cayenne Vs thingsboard.

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